10 habits of good parents


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Some rules in the process of education must be applied regularly so that they become part of the overall system, turning into a good habit.

What psychologists and teachers advise:

1. Read children’s books. Not only small and not only at night. Teach your child a love of reading, the right values ​​and guidelines. According to teachers, those children whose parents read books to them since childhood grow up more developed. Choose a good literature in accordance with the age of the child. If you have difficulties with your choice, do not be afraid to consult with a teacher, educator or librarian.

2. Do not be a tyrant. It is best to use a democratic parenting style that does not allow excessive rigor and intrusive ongoing monitoring. Understand that children also need a personal space in which they will feel free.

3. Do not force to eat. It is not worth blackmailing or threatening to eat more than the child needs.

4. Be an example to them. In order to demand politeness from a child, accuracy, organization, make sure that these qualities are present in you as well. Children look at their parents and unwittingly become their reflection.

5. Listen. When a child tells you something, it opens, do not interrupt him: once having shut himself up, he may no longer trust you.

6. Praise for merit. You should not praise children for everything that they do: try to celebrate with your praise exactly those things that were worth a lot of effort. If you praise for each washed plate, then the whole essence of this method of promotion is lost.

7. Cook together. This way of leisure will allow you not only to become closer to each other, but also give your child valuable skills. Yes, and you will be help in the kitchen. In principle, all household chores can be divided and carried out jointly.

8. Laugh together. Often parents make the mistake of remaining serious in any situation. However, according to psychologists, laughter can bring people together.

9. Do not treat them as adults. Childhood is given only once in a lifetime, do not deprive him of his child.

10. The rules should be simple. Children learn less information and easier to understand simple rules.

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