10 reasons why you should be afraid of supermama syndrome


10 reasons why you should be afraid of supermama syndrome


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The race for the title of super-moms is an endless search, for which, ultimately, you will pay a high price.

Here are 10 reasons why you should immediately stop this race.

1. There is no such thing as a mother who can do everything perfectly, because they pay a high price for perfection. Ideal for other people, but it often does not work out the way perfectionists do.

2. Supermama syndrome literally kills women. Stress diseases are increasing, and the demands that women place on themselves today contribute directly to the stress in their lives. This tension is increasing.

3. Today there are too many roles in our life. Attempting to comply at once with all the roles that we change daily is sometimes impossible. The feeling of having to be perfect in them is more and more tiresome.

4. Our children lose some valuable impressions about us. Those that can not be returned. We often wind up in business in such a way that we forget about really important things.

5. It is exhausting !!! You have to do what society expects from you, because you are a mother.

6. This is not fun. Has anyone tried to make everything perfect and fun?

7. Your friends will like it more when you can laugh at your imperfections with them.

8. Your quality of life will immediately improve when you decide to take a break and get your own personal experience, and not 100% perfect, a huge burden will be removed from your shoulders. Anxiety and depression can be the end result of unrealistic standards that you consistently set for yourself.

9. Supermam always takes advantage of the moment. She is always multitasking and thinks about what needs to be done next. Life will pass you by before you know it.

10. Due to the admiration of women who can do this, unrealistic demands on mothers will continue to be made.

Let's start admiring mothers who take the time to nurture themselves. Let me admire women who can enjoy time with children on the playground and be truly present when they read to their children.

Let the moms who admit that they can't be busy all the time. Let me congratulate women on their honesty and ability to ask for help. Let's start celebrating our shortcomings, instead of beating ourselves for them. Let's stop judging each other and offer support.

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