10 tips for young mothers how to teach a child to walk




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Children grow very fast. When the child's muscles grow stronger, he begins to crawl and then walk. If you help your child in this difficult task, then he can start walking much earlier.

1. Prepare the child's muscles from the third month of life.

Put the baby on the tummy, and let him lie for 10 minutes. Do this daily, it will help strengthen the muscles. The back will be stronger every day, which will help the child develop much faster.

2. To strengthen the muscles you need to help the child roll over from the age of three months.

Put it on the sofa and turn it slightly from one side to another. After a couple of such activities, the baby will begin to actively try to roll over on its own. Do not leave the baby on the couch alone, despite the fact that he does not know how to crawl, the child will be able to fall off him.

3. Approximately 4 months old boys can try to plant, leaning on the pillow.

For girls it is better to do so from 5 months. At 6 months, the child will already be sitting confidently by himself

In order to strengthen the muscles dramatically, you need to try to stimulate the child to move independently. For this you can use a variety of toys that will attract the attention of the baby.

4. From about 6-7 months, children begin to try to crawl.

Do not interfere with this. The child develops, and you just have to help him in this.

Put the rattle away, let him try to crawl to her. Such exercises very quickly strengthen all the muscles of the baby.

5. Now, when the child crawls with confidence, he begins to try to get up.

At the same time grabs all the pieces of furniture and walks holding them. Help your child. Take him by the handles and walk around with him. The kid will love this trip, because he is just beginning to learn this beautiful world.

6. Be sure to purchase push toys.

Based on them, the baby will make its first steps much earlier. Choose only quality products, because it affects the health of your baby. As a pusher, you can choose a simple stroller for dolls.

7. Remove the walker.

They negatively affect the development of the child. When the baby is in a walker, his pelvis and hips are compressed.

This impedes early development. A child who will be constantly in a walker begins to walk almost a year, and sometimes later.

If you need to leave your baby for a short time to do your chores, then it is better to get a playpen. In it he will be able to sit, play, and also walk, holding on to the support.

8. Be sure to be around at the moment when the baby walks, holding constipation.

It is not yet so strong, so it can easily fall and be injured.

9. Never compare your baby.

All children are different. Even siblings differ in development. Someone is already walking from 9 months, and someone a year can not walk, even holding on to the support.

10. Always get quality shoes.

It is better to buy it in the afternoon, because by this time the leg is slightly increasing. Shoes should be made of natural material and not bring discomfort.

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