11 signs that you bring up genius


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Every child is different in its own way. Some parents may notice that their child is intellectually more developed than their peers.

All parents want to believe that their child is special and unique, in a sense, it is. However, only a small percentage of children are geniuses.

These are children who can walk the path of the most gifted people in history: Einstein, Mozart and others.

Here are a few signs that your child is a genius:

1. Impeccable memory

For some children, memorization is not an easy task, but it is easy for the gifted.

Your child may have an amazing memory from birth. For example, he may remember where you hid the toy, or quickly memorize the alphabet.

2. Significantly ahead of development

For each month, year of life there are certain things that are expected of a child.

A child genius can significantly outpace these checkpoints.

If he learned to crawl and walk before the other children, he quickly learned to count, read, etc., then there is a chance that you are raising a gifted child.

3. Developed language skills

Language skills include not only the ability to speak, but also to perceive words by ear.

If your child is interested in reading out loud at the age of 6 months, then most likely he is a genius.

Gifted children are usually interested in what they say around them, and seem to even understand the conversations of adults.

4. Deep knowledge of a topic

Gifted children may be interested in some hobby about which they know all the details, or a topic in which they have in-depth knowledge.

For example, your child loves biology and knows the names of most plants and animals. Or interested in history and knows all the major historical events.

5. Prefers to talk with adults and older people.

Genius children prefer to talk with adults, because it is not easy for them to find a common language with their peers.

For their age, they seem very mature.

6. Loves to read

Another sign is the love of books. If the child is gifted, then he has a need for new information. He reads books to learn as much as possible.

7. Creative, good at math or musical ear.

Gifted children are usually good at math, art or music.

8. Can hold focus for a long time.

Children usually have problems with attention. If your child can do something intently for a long time, this is another sign.

He can read a book or sit still for a long time, concentrate on a task and study it until he finishes.

9. Constantly asking questions

A gifted child is a curious child. He will ask you to explain everything in the world, because he needs knowledge. If your child is talkative and asks a lot of questions, this is a good sign.

10. Bright imagination

Gifted children have a rich imagination. If, while playing, your child comes up with difficult situations, this is a sign that your child is smarter than other children of his age.

11. Prefers to play alone

Smart children prefer to play alone than with other children.

Gifted children are unique in their own way. If you think your child is smarter than their peers, then think about conducting special testing for gifted children.

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