14 signs that you are a good grandmother


14 signs that you are a good grandmother


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Some women dream of getting grandchildren faster, others are frightened by the very idea of ​​acquiring grandmother status.

Some people constantly doubt whether they are raising their grandchildren correctly, others do not even think about whether they are good grandmothers. Whatever category you belong to, there are signs that clearly indicate that you are a good grandmother.

• A good grandmother tries to discuss as soon as possible the main points related to raising her grandchildren with their parents. For example, that will take them once a week to themselves, but will not be in the evenings to take extra classes.

• A good grandmother does not impose her help with her grandchildren and does not give advice when they are not asked because she knows that this will only annoy young parents.

• A good grandmother follows the latest trends in parenting. She does not scold her daughter (daughter-in-law) for not washing children's clothes with soap, because she knows that there are special children's powders. As for diapers, the grandmother studied this question before the birth of the child and now the young mother knows not only the best brands, but also where it is more profitable to buy them better.

• A good grandmother knows how to pamper her grandchildren, staying within the framework delineated by their parents. She will not secretly buy forbidden chocolates to her children, forcing them to lie to her parents and harming her health (after all, chocolate was definitely banned for a reason), and it is better to buy them fruit or yogurt.

• A good grandmother does not make children feel guilty every time they ask her to help with her grandchildren. She works with children because she loves them, and not because it is her heavy duty.

• A good grandmother knows that her grandchildren are the best. Therefore, she does not compare them with the grandchildren of her neighbors and does not reprimand her parents for the fact that a child a year does not know how to walk and recite poetry. If she wants the baby to play in her hands, she will teach him herself.

• A good grandmother has her own interests, not limited by politics and summer cottage, otherwise at some point she will simply cease to be an interesting conversationalist for her children and grandchildren.

• A good grandmother does not compete with the second grandmother, and especially her mother for the love of her grandchildren; she does not try to buy children's love with gifts, expensive entertainment, or lack of restrictions. First, it aggravates the already difficult relationship in a large family. Secondly, the child feels that he did something bad when his mother (the second grandmother) frowns at stories about how he spent the whole day with his grandmother in the park and ride all the rides.

• A good grandmother does not scold children in the presence of grandchildren. And in their absence too. Because they are already adults, they are responsible for the child and know better than what to feed him, what vaccines to make and which circles to take. If something worries the grandmother, she can calmly solve all the issues with the children and hear their point of view.

• A good grandmother does not make unexpected visits to children. In families with children, all affairs are usually planned for many days in advance, and the family tries to live according to a schedule, so the unexpected visit of your beloved grandmother can confuse all plans and cause irritation, not joy.

• A good grandmother listens to grandchildren, gives them advice, answers endless questions and teaches useful things, that is, she does what parents often lack time or patience for.

• A good grandmother can handle anxiety and fear in the presence of her grandchildren. She will not frighten a child when he is sick, pull him up when he plays with other children, or complain about the life of another adult when his grandson can hear her. Otherwise, the risk of raising an anxious child, who from his young nails will know what a difficult and terrible world he lives in.

• A good grandmother gives only good gifts, because she listens to her grandchildren and their parents.

• A good grandmother can say no and does not allow children to sit on their necks. No matter how much she loves her grandchildren, she is not obliged to support a young family financially, to stall to the children on the first call or quit her favorite job in order to sit with her grandchildren.

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