3 amazing facts about the kids that scientists have learned



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Earlier, academics perceived the developmental stages of children as a suspense, after which the baby abruptly awakens.

But, as it turned out, children have their own lives, and even being ignorant of all its charms, they understand a lot.

Baby recognizes mother's voice

Scientists from the University of Montreal and the Saint Justine Hospital Research Center have determined that the baby’s brain region, which is responsible for communication, is activated when the infant hears the voice of his mother.

Kids interpret a dog barking

Researchers at Brigham Young University have learned that babies can tell an angry dog ​​barking from a friendly yelp. Moreover, they are able to compare these sounds with photos of evil and good four-legged. In infancy, people read emotions.

Children understand the "law of the jungle"

A group of psychologists from Harvard University conducted a study with the kids. Scientists have created several blocks: small and large. Further, these blocks pushed together. The children who were watching the “conflict situation” were sure that a large block would swallow up a small one.

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