4 principles that preserve the health of children: recommendations of specialists


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In the realities of modern society, where parents are busy with work, and children are left to themselves, there are many threats to the health of the child.

Experts were able to calculate 4 basic principles that will help children:

1. Limit the time spent on gadgets. This form of activity implies an almost complete lack of physical activity. Experts recommend that the child think of leisure in such a way that the children move more.

2. Improper nutrition. A growing body needs it for full development. Constant access to junk food (sweets, soda, fast food) can also lead to the problem of obesity.

3. Communication with animals. It is necessary to have a pet: it will help relieve stress and teach the child to justice.

4. Walking in the fresh air. This way of spending time is useful for everyone.

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