4 signs that a man will be a good father


4 signs that a man will be a good father


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A man can have many valuable qualities: to be a master of all trades, an authority for others, a stunning lover, an extraordinary intelligence, or an incredible sense of humor.

However, not every man himself admits clearly and unequivocally that he wants children, that it is his vital need, that he is ready to devote a share of his life to their education. Signs of a good father can be seen in a man without his own argument, consider the four extensive characteristics inherent in such.

A man has a restrained, balanced temperament, moderately open, sociable. Such a person will never accumulate a surplus of emotions in himself, respectively, will not throw them out. The house will be calm, necessary for the development of an adequate psyche of the child.

The potential father himself decided that there should be children in his life. Probably, he does not mention this in conversations, answering questions that suggest phrases like: “children will be”, “as soon as, then right away”, but not “now is the wrong time”, “first I want to go round half the world and my business”.

By the way, the sex of the child is the tenth thing, it is unlikely that a good father will repeat that he wants only a son, now is not the time and we don’t have to plow the fields by hand.

A man behaves like a child! – great, so they will find a common language. It's just amazing if a man collects a collection of cars, sometimes naughty, prefers outdoor games and considers the best vacation trips, walks and travels. So he will understand why his children behave this way, he will have many options, how to spend time with them, how to entertain and what to teach.

And the most important criterion, perhaps, is love. A man should love the future mother of his children. He will be interested in the whole process of the child’s development, the first ultrasound examination, the first pushes of the arms and legs through the stomach, he will want to experience all this together. If he came home madly tired, he went to the store to buy a jar of small squash or canned peaches to satisfy the desire of his pregnant woman, then he is already a father, ready to give part of himself to his offspring.

In addition to such items, women need to consider that there are always exceptions. People are so different that there is always someone who does not fit into any category, as not paint. And there is a chance that a man will be indifferent to fatherhood, or, even worse, do not want children, only until he realizes that he now has his own.

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