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When children appear in a family, cardinal changes occur in a relationship. This is especially seen in intimate relationships between spouses. At the same time, there are a huge number of misconceptions that prevent each partner from reaching a common opinion, and this causes additional scandals and stresses.

Women get the impression that they are no longer interested in their husband, and men are dissatisfied.

Therefore, you need to know the main problems and how to solve them. After all, if after giving birth to an intimate life, you can bring the matter to a divorce.

What changes do women have when a baby appears

The first thing to start is women's change. It has long been known that it is women who set the intimate life in any relationship. And if everything was fine before the appearance of the child, then after the cardinal changes take place. Among the main changes can be identified:

• erogenous zones are changing. If women loved children before they were kissed on the neck or stomach, then everything can be seriously changed. It also happens that erogenous zones disappear altogether. Accordingly, it is more difficult for men to “fail” their partner;

• sleep time is changing. A constant lack of sleep or an incomprehensible schedule leads to additional stress in the female body. This fact should be understood by absolutely everyone. However, such a problem arises only after the birth of the baby (when he is still small);

• the emotional and psychological state is undergoing serious changes. After the appearance of the child, women have completely new obligations and thoughts. And if earlier they could pay attention to their partner, then when a child appears, they stop doing this for obvious reasons;

• physical changes occur. They directly affect character and behavior. Also, women may simply not want. And if they make love, then through force.

4 steps to harmony

To establish an intimate life, it is important to take 4 steps:

1. Initially, you need to understand that there have been major changes. As it was before, it will no longer be. Therefore, the first thing to start with is to formulate the problem.

2. When the problem is clear, you need to understand how this can be fixed. Perhaps you need to wait a bit or already take certain measures.

3. In no case can not rush. To start drastically changing an intimate life or to put pressure on one of the partners is too risky.

4. You need to start acting carefully.

Remember! All this needs to be discussed with your partner. You can’t just come up with a solution and report it. This will not help, but only worsen the situation or another conflict arises.

How to talk about problems

It’s important to choose a neutral time when you are alone.

You should carefully discuss the situation and understand that decisions can be made only in one case – if you find a problem.

When the problem and opinion of each partner will be clearly clear, here it is already worth looking for the best options. Children always create additional problems, but they can be solved, the main thing is not to be afraid to talk about it.

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