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Comparatively not so long ago, only grandmothers were engaged in educating the younger generation. They not only took control of the child’s food, but also arranged his leisure time.

In other words, they completely devoted their lives to their grandchildren, allowing their newly minted parents to go about their business.

But in the modern world, the image of grandmothers has slightly changed. They do not often spend time with their grandchildren, while not suffering from remorse.

Almost every third grandmother, even after retirement, does not give up work, begins to engage herself and finds new hobbies.

This pace of life does not leave enough time to nurse with children in full. But the grandmother remains the grandmother, even if she considers herself modern. Consider a few basic types of grandmothers, to understand what kind of help you can count on.

Grandma – the wind

For such a grandmother, age is not an obstacle to being flexible and mobile. And this concerns not only the mind, but also the body.

For her, every minute should be busy with any business. Even if there is no work, then there will definitely be a hobby, and necessarily associated with taking care of one’s health.

Grandmother-wind is not the best helper for a young family, as for her housework, shrouded in monotony, burdensome burden.

But walking with the children in the fresh air is always a pleasure, as movement is life.

Grandma – patience and care

Such grandmothers value family most of all, so they will not refuse to periodically sit with their grandchildren. Calm and patience – their strong point.

They are not afraid of routine work, which is an integral part of child care. Grandmothers can teach a lot, gladly passing on their experience and knowledge to the younger generation.

This handicraft, and cooking, and education, and household. They treat their business painstakingly and carefully.

But not everything is so cloudless. Such a grandmother can be easily offended, because she is quite vulnerable and will not tolerate an unfair attitude to herself, not to mention ingratitude for her work. And do not do here without moralizing about the proper upbringing of the child.

Grandma – love

One definition of this type speaks for itself. Such a grandmother would be happy to nurse with her grandchildren, since for her the most important thing is an emotional connection.

For children, this is a great option to share their joys and sorrows, because who, if not grandmother-love, will listen, delve into their world, direct in a positive direction. And children feel love best and reciprocate.

It is worth noting that in the first year of a child’s life such a grandmother is unlikely to help, since she needs time to establish an emotional connection with him.

Grandmother herself on her mind

This is a well-read and educated person, which the cries of the child will not inspire home help.

Favorite thing – to plunge into thought, reflecting on new ideas. They read the book with great joy or listen to a musical composition (preferably classical music).

And if the child behaves calmly, then the grandmother even walks with him on the street, thinking about something else.

Best of all, such a grandmother is “suitable” for grandchildren of more adult age, when they become full-fledged “why-minded girls”.

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