5 key skills in raising a teenager


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Parenting adolescents should always be accompanied by the close attention of parents.

In this difficult age you should stick to the following 5 important skills:

1. The correct reaction. If a child comes and brags about his achievement in any field, your task is to praise him and show interest. Ask him about the details and details. In the end, he decided to share with you for the reason that your opinion is important and meaningful to him. Show him your admiration and approval.

2. Mark his strengths. Often, during puberty, children suffer from heaps of complexes and are not at all confident. Hormonal and physiological changes, acne, the restructuring of character – all this is a painful process. Often a teenager suffers from the fact that he is not capable of anything – as it seems to him. Your task is to instill confidence in him, to find and show strengths.

3. Positive thinking. To the right perception of the world should be taught from early childhood. In adolescence, it is worth recalling the benefits of curiosity, the importance of obtaining new knowledge and skills. At this age there is a reappraisal of values: it is important for parents to prove again the importance of all the things you taught him up to this point. Do not encourage his competition with other guys: let him realize that the main opponent is himself and his previous successes.

4. Failures are part of the way. Often, even in adults, hands may fall if something fails. You must convince a teenager that only he who is not trying to do anything is mistaken. Also tell that learning without initial failures is impossible: only in this way can new skills be acquired.

5. Let him know that you believe in him. So that a teenager does not despair, he must be sure that you love him and appreciate, regardless of the degree of his success, but simply for the fact of his existence. When he experiences and thinks that he will never be able to master any area of ​​knowledge, say the magic phrase "for now."

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