5 reasons why your baby is lying


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Children's lies are most often perceived without aggression from parents and others. There is always one excuse for this: "He is a child, he can." But is a childhood lie something positive?

Of course not, especially since in the future it can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, each parent should know about 5 reasons why his child begins to lie.

Increase self-esteem

Such a lie is most often noticeable from 7 years, because the child wants to improve his status and show that he is “cool”. Therefore, they can embellish their achievements and try to always be better than others.

Such a lie is not something good, most likely we are talking about childish egoism. And most importantly – when he lies, he begins to feel miserable.

For example, if the parents do not have an expensive car, and the child says this, a negative impression develops in the head. As a result, he feels unhappy during such a deception.

Fear of punishment

Some parents raise their child under constant fear of punishment. He broke a plate – into a corner, brought home a bad mark – give me the phone.

These are the most striking examples, and if a child begins to cheat, his parents often come up with additional punishments. But what is wrong with a child trying to protect himself?

His lie is only due to the fact that he is afraid of punishment from his parents. And if this happened, it means that they went too far and it is time to reconsider their manner of education.

Family problems

If a child lies for a long time without a reason, this can indicate serious problems in the family.

Most often, this can be seen when parents are in a divorce stage. With their deception, they want to demonstrate their emotions and show existing problems.

The only solution in this situation is to solve family problems, and only after that take up the upbringing of your child.

Establishing personal boundaries

Children after 10 years begin to actively establish a personal space that can concern only them. This is their right, and every parent must understand this.

However, some parents begin to constantly get into his life and control everything. If this happens, each child begins to build their own protection.

And since he has no other ways, he simply begins to deceive or not talk.

Cheating at this age is the norm, and everyone should accept this fact. And if you want to control your child, why not do it carefully?

You can also always try to talk with him and explain the reasons for the experience. Children understand everything, so they will try to resolve any conflict and will not allow further deception.


The best way to break bans and go against restrictions is to start cheating. As a rule, children from 10-12 years old perfectly understand that parents do not need to tell everything and it will be easier for them to live.

During this period, it is important to carefully monitor the life of the child, but do it carefully. Also, you can not do without the usual dialogue, thanks to which he will be able to understand his mistakes.

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