5 rules that will help make a child's childhood unforgettable


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Every parent during his life tries to do everything so that his child grows in prosperity and love. But, as practice shows, care is never remembered by a child; most of all, he remembers positive or negative moments in his life.

Therefore, every parent should be aware of 5 rules that will help make every child's life unforgettable.

You need to allocate a few days and devote them only to the child.

Is it difficult once a year to spend the whole day for your child, to bring him to the park, to a football match, to buy the most expensive ice cream or decorations?

For any adult, all these expenses are insignificant, all the more so as this is not often done. And it is precisely these moments that children remember, because having happy and loving parents is important.

Of course, he is unlikely to immediately say “thank you”, but he will remember this simple day all his life.

Words of approval

A child’s self-assessment is influenced by many factors. And it is at an early age that his real “I” is formed.

Therefore, it is occasionally important to encourage him and support all undertakings. For example, I wanted to buy new videos for myself – why not? Yes, most likely, he will not even ride them, but what prevents to do such a waste for him?

Similar actions have not only purchases, but also simple words. The child needs support, and he will appreciate it from his parents, remembering only the good and the positive.

Everyone must remember! Only rare moments are remembered. Therefore, if you are always ready to pamper your child and say only good things to him, he will not remember anything and with a high degree of probability he will grow into a frank egoist.

Family traditions

Every family must have certain traditions. For example, once a year, go to a barbecue to the lake.

They will remember these traditions for a lifetime and will certainly try to invent something of their own in their own family.

It is important that each tradition becomes “obligatory” for execution, only in this case they will be truly appreciated.

Without spontaneity can not do

Every child loves if he has unpredictable events in his life. And here he can just make various surprises.

You are going to go to the sea and have been preparing for this for a long time. And why not tell about the trip on the day of departure? No one will expect this, but simple actions from parents will be remembered for a lifetime.

And even when he becomes an adult, he will certainly remind you that you once made such a surprise for him. There is no difficulty in such spontaneity, the main thing is to have a little desire and free time.

Fulfillment of desire

Here it is important to keep the right line. And the fact is that parents love to pamper their children, which is extremely undesirable.

If the child will constantly receive gifts on demand, nothing good will come of it. Therefore, it is important to feel the situation and fulfill the desires that he truly dreams of.

And the money here does not matter anymore, but why, when there are warm memories of his childhood at stake?

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