5 signs of depression in children


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How to identify such diseases in children as depression, and to give him the right help, understood psychologists.

As you know, depression tends to suffer not only adults: adolescents may also be exposed to it. According to official data, about 11% of children suffer from this disease. But statistics are only registered cases – when people ask for help. Unfortunately, even experienced parents are not always able to calculate a depressive state – a lot is written off as a feature of puberty. The most noticeable signs of the onset of the disease are: apathy, lethargy, loss of interest in early hobbies, a decline in grades in school. It is difficult to pay attention to these signs, because many of them are associated with hormonal changes in the body. Also an alarming bell should serve as insomnia.

When a child plays computer games or surfs the Internet all night long, this may mean that he is afraid to be alone with his thoughts. An alarming symptom is a change in appetite. You need to pay attention when it is not there, and then when the child eats much more than usual.

If the child has stopped communicating or has made absolutely new friends, then it is definitely worth paying attention to. As a result, a suicide may occur on the time of a not diagnosed depression. At this age, a person begins to realize his mortality. And destructive thoughts may well develop on the basis of depressive states. If a teenager does not find among adults that person who could entrust his innermost thoughts, then alcohol, computer games, and drugs come to “help”.

These things help the teenager to reduce the pain from the corrosive thoughts. If parents notice and start fighting with aggressive methods – prohibition, control, etc., this can only aggravate an already difficult situation. Teenager is very difficult to deal with their condition. He has no knowledge of how to create a psychological defense, he does not know who to ask for help from. Do not blame the child in any way, chastise and try to educate. It is necessary to establish a new connection with him, earn trust, become a support and support. However, if you notice that even this could not help the teenager, it is better to seek qualified help.

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