5 tips for single mothers


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Unfortunately, not all families are equally strong and can save their marriage to the end.

Many women are ready to forgive their husbands a lot, so long as the children grow up in a full-fledged family. However, psychologists do not recommend this: in their opinion, the child will still feel the atmosphere of lack of love, which will make him unhappy.

Professionals recommend single mothers the following:

1. Record the child to a child psychologist. Children often blame themselves for divorcing their parents, feel abandoned and unnecessary. A psychologist will help solve this problem.

2. Encourage his desire for self-development, help look for interesting activities.

3. Do not forget to find time for yourself.

4. Do not try to take on the male role of the father of the family: be yourself.

5. Do not turn against your father, despite the fact that he acted personally with you.

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