6 ways to soothe a hyperactive child


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Recently, the problem of hyperactivity among children has become increasingly relevant in psychology.

According to statistical studies, from 4 to 9% of children are prone to this problem. ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is characterized by problems with learning, mobility, concentration.

Many parents do not know how to behave properly and what measures to take if a diagnosis is made – a hyperactive child. What to do in this situation, we will tell in the article.

First of all, it is a psychological disorder. Therefore, it is impossible to solve the situation with drugs alone. Parents in no case should not buy soothing preparations for babies on their own! This measure may be prescribed only by a doctor. The task of parents in such a situation is to provide the right care and create conditions for neutralizing the problem.

Hyperactive children often negatively perceive the word "no." In order for the child to respond better to them, formulate your thought in a certain way. Do not say: "Do not watch TV", but, for example, "Go read." Try to remain calm in any situation, explain the reasons for your prohibitions, and then propose an alternative.

Clearly articulate thoughts and objectives. Hyperactive babies have problems with concentration, logical and abstract thinking, so try to formulate sentences as accurately and concisely as possible.

Observe the daily routine. You must develop a very accurate daily schedule that you will not deviate from under any circumstances. This will produce a reflex in the child. If he drinks tea with cookies from day to day, listen to the fairy tale and go to bed at exactly 9 pm, with time he will automatically feel calm and tired at this time, which means that the problem with evening bedding will be solved.

Find a way out of energy! It will be very useful to direct the child's activity in the right direction. Pay attention to his interests, suggest a suitable leisure option: a hobby or sports section.

Parents of hyperactive children need to understand that the child runs and screams, not because he is harmful or bad, but because he cannot do otherwise. For him, this is a natural reaction to the surrounding situation. If you scold the child at this moment, you will only aggravate the situation. You will have to learn patience and understanding if your baby is a hyperactive child.

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