7 signs that a mother is strict to her child




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There are signs that indicate the severity of the mother in relation to her own child. How to understand that a mother is too strict with her child?

1. The child often tells lies.

This is an occasion to think, and maybe the matter is in severity.

If children are not afraid that parents will punish them, they will not lie. If the child is lying, it indicates the excessive severity of the mother. He cannot tell the truth because he is afraid of punishment.

2. Mom preaches the principle of zero tolerance.

Mom does not see the personality and character of her child.

She believes that it is better for the child, but she does not listen to his opinion, much less disagree with him.

3. Strict mother believes that her pedagogical methods and principles are more effective than others.

If someone makes a strict mother comment on her methods of parenting, the woman will explode, because the mother is sure that she is doing everything right to bring up and develop the child.

4. Mom is always unhappy with her own child.

Mom believes that the child is somewhat behind other children. At the same time, the mother does not see the child’s achievement.

Despite this, the child makes every possible effort to at least try to please the mother.

5. Mom likes to point and order.

Mom thinks she does everything for the good of the child. In fact, the mother forces the child to do what she decided without even asking what the child himself thinks about all this.

This is a feature of strict mother. With others she behaves in a similar way.

6. Mom threatens the child.

Mom used to say to the child "do so, otherwise I will punish, I will throw out the toys", etc.

7. Mom wants to be the perfect mother in the eyes of others.

Mom, it is important that she was the ideal mother in the eyes of others. But the woman does not notice that she is so scared of the child. He is afraid of her and even tries to avoid her company. He sometimes does not have warm feelings for a powerful and strict mother.

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