7 types of children's tantrums that can drive you crazy


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Children are the joy and meaning of life. However, there are situations when their tantrums and habits cause concern among parents.

Everyone should understand that a child’s hysteria is quite normal. But there are 7 types of children's tantrums that should already cause certain concerns for each parent.

While eating

Sitting the child at the table is quite normal if he refuses food or asks for something else. The reason is simple – he wants a tasty one, and porridge or borsch certainly do not meet these requirements.

However, if a child begins to throw a plate, fall into a tantrum, then here there is already reason to think about his education.

Before bedtime

Many children do not like to sleep on a schedule and believe that they are still full of strength and energy. However, is it worth giving up the correct schedule for the sake of his desires?

Moreover, if he does not manage to get enough sleep, the next morning he should expect a tantrum on his part. The only option in this case is to constantly talk to him, instill the right thoughts or just pick up the phone and remote control from the TV.

In a store or other crowded place

When a child starts a tantrum in the store, here the first and quite serious problems may already come. The fact is that parents at such moments begin to experience maximum shame. Especially the situation worsens if other people start to intervene in such a conflict, and this happens quite often. For example: what kind of mother are you, if you do not want to buy this candy for your child, you can pamper it a little.

In a shoe store

In shoe stores, hysteria in children can be found most often. The fact is that children have their own desires or preferences. Coming to the store, they set themselves the task – to choose something on their own. But does every parent go to buy shoes with lights or wheels? For this reason, tantrums in a shoe store are considered the norm.

Change out of nothing

Often, historians start out of “nothing” in children. For example, the sun is shining on the street, but he wants to take an umbrella with him and does not accept any refusals. Similar emotions can arise from any changes in his life. Another member of the family could have appeared, they did not buy a certain thing, a new nanny, and much more. The goal of the children in this case is to break into the most unprotected, and he will definitely try to find his victim. At the same time, bringing him to feelings or explaining something is not at all simple.

On the empty place

Children from 1 year to four often like to arrange a tantrum when there is no reason. If they manifest, many parents begin to get angry. They just do not understand the problem and what their child wants. At the same time, the hysteria can be so strong that it will not work to calm him down even with proven methods.

With strangers

There are children who perfectly understand that with outsiders parents will never scream, so I can do whatever I want. It works, but such a trait should always be stopped from a young age and tough measures should be applied, because tantrums in this regard can intensify every year.

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