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Up to five years, children are at a higher risk of death than their older brothers and sisters.

And all because they are less protected from the effects of the deadly effects of genetic pathologies and developmental disorders, accidents during games (single or with other children), as well as diseases transmitted to these innocent creatures from their mothers.

The things listed below cannot be called the cause of most childhood deaths or the most dangerous objects in the house, but deaths from them are still recorded. And most often they can be completely prevented! Everyone likes to house their favorite things at home, but if you have children, watch for the following common household items and consider their potential danger.

1. Large water tanks

The two most popular large containers of water in modern households are an aquarium and bath. If a child falls into a bath filled with water even by a third, he may be unable to breathe. With a long absence of breathing, it can seriously damage the brain and even die. The same can be said about the children playing around aquariums.

2. Electronics near water

Whenever something powered by electricity (no matter from batteries or combined plugs and cords) comes into contact with efficient conductors such as water, people touching these conductors get an electric shock! Unfortunately, such blows are often powerful enough to kill or permanently disable a small child.

3. Glass and other fragile materials.

Even playing with a small glass cup or ceramic plate, a child may be in danger. If he drops this fragile item, the latter will most likely break into pieces with sharp edges that can easily cut baby’s skin.

4. hot water or food

Reaching a certain age, children begin to explore the world, and this makes them miss everything and everyone within reach. At this time it is important to put the dishes with hot drinks and food so high that the child could not reach her. The same goes for household items, such as irons. Although such accidents usually do not lead to death, burns can cause irreparable damage to health and lead to scarring.

5. Electrical outlets and wires

As children begin to crawl, they become able to reach outlets and household electrical wires. It is important to keep these things out of the reach of children, otherwise the child may be at risk of electric shock.

6. Shelves

When a child begins to explore the surrounding space, he drags everything he can reach from the shelves to get a better look at what it is. Make sure that the shelves do not have heavy objects that the child could knock over, risking injury or even death.

7. Curtain window

Usually blinds have a cord with which you can open and close them. If a child grabs it, it can be incredibly dangerous. Take care that all strings and cords are hidden from the baby.

8. Sharp furniture edges

Even rounded edges can be dangerous for a child if he hits them hard enough, and a blow to a sharp edge of furniture can be fatal. Try to cover the corners of the furniture with something soft to avoid such accidents.

9. Medicines

A child should be given medication in much smaller doses than an adult, therefore, in children overdose can be caused even by a small amount of drug that is not dangerous to the life of an adult. Even when the child begins to grow up, keep the first-aid kit tightly closed and inaccessible to him to prevent dangerous situations.

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