9 important things you need to teach a child


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There are a number of useful skills that should be taught to a child.

1. Accuracy. Teach your child not to throw garbage in public places, appreciating the work of others and good manners. At these moments, you can tell him about the ecology and how garbage affects the planet negatively.

2. Generosity. Teach your child not to be mean and greedy. Let him know how to share resources, because in this way he will find many more friends who will answer him the same.

3. The elementary rules of etiquette. To be a cultured person it is not at all necessary to limit oneself to something in some way. Teach him at least the basic situations and formulations of politeness.

4. Order. Teach to maintain cleanliness and order from childhood, and people will get used to be collected and organized.

5. Activity. In the age of global computerization, it is sometimes difficult to show a child all the delights of outdoor activities. Show him that life is not limited to the monitor of gadgets, let it develop harmoniously.

6. The feeling of time. It is necessary to make the child understand that it is impossible to be late. Let him learn to organize his time and allocate resources. Also try to make sure that he sleeps fully: for schoolchildren, a normal sleep time is 10 hours.

7. Oral hygiene. This skill will help the child in the future to get rid of a number of health problems. After all, healthy teeth – an indicator of good health.

8. Behavior at the table. Observance of good manners will always talk about a high level of education.

9. Proper nutrition. Pledge of excellent health. The best option if the habit of eating properly will become something for granted.

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