A gifted child: what parents should know about parenting


A gifted child what parents should know about parenting


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A gifted child is the dream of many parents and this is not surprising. A child who is successful, motivated to study and extremely talented, usually serves as a source of pride for his parents.

However, it can also become a problem for which you should properly prepare.

What characterizes a gifted child?

A talented child primarily distinguishes himself from his peers with a certain talent, for example, he does a good job with math or has a sense of rhythm and loves to dance. Then it is imperative to develop the talents of the child.

If you notice that he thinks well in his mind – it is worth translating it into a math class. When pleasure makes him dance and, moreover, quickly learn the steps – choose the best dance school.

It is best to share your views with the teacher at school. A child gifted in one area will be really good at it. In turn, in other areas it is possible to achieve average results.

The opposite of directed abilities are general abilities that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in many subjects, which leads to the achievement of very good results, for example, an average of a certificate.

Able to be small

Mostly talented kid stands out from a young age, that is, from a very early age – he begins to walk, talk, read and write faster. In addition, he can easily concentrate on a particular lesson and not get tired. He also often has a passion that absorbs his free time. He is also distinguished by knowledge that goes beyond school material.

What should parents pay attention to?

In addition to the intellectual and cognitive development of the child, his emotions are extremely important. A gifted child can be characterized by leadership qualities that often lead to conflicts with peers or vice versa – it is closed in itself, there is a closeness of contacts with others.

The task of parents is to improve their child’s social skills and emotional state. Shortages in this area can turn into cognitive functions.

Gifted child at school

A gifted student will function well in a school environment if his needs are met:

– intellectual and cognitive, for example, will be able to carry out research projects, receive teacher support in preparation for the competition;

– emotional – it is possible that master classes or training will be organized at the school to increase intelligence;

– social – will feel the support of the class team, make the first friendly relations.

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