Alpha letter names

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Zeo, as well as the first few episodes of Power Rangers Turbo. Who knows how many thousands of years he’s been in the service of Zordon, but he still maintains a sort of wonder while looking out at the world. When it came time for him and Zordon to return to Eltar, he left the Rangers in the hands of his “brother” Alpha 6. However, it is mentioned by Alpha that he was assembled by the king and was raised by him as if Alpha was his own son. Alpha’s close friend from his days living on Edenoi is Lerigot, the wizard of Liaria. No information has been given as to when and how they met, however.

In Power Rangers: Turbo, when the opportunity presented itself, Alpha 5 left with Zordon to the planet Eltar and was replaced by Alpha 6, his “brother” whom he programmed in the Power Chamber before leaving. Alpha 5 was featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Alpha’s personality throughout most of his appearances was kind, loving, and innocent. He is also quite panicky, quoting his iconic ‘ai yi yi yi yi yi yi!

The Wanna-Be Ranger”, “A Friend in Need” and “The Wedding”. Alpha does not have much in the way of attacking enemies, but in “Power Ranger Punks” and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, he can shock enemies with electrical charges of white energy. However, this does little damage to enemies, only stunning or shocking them briefly. Christmas special, decorations, toys and Christmas gifts. In the same special, he also can rearrange the lights in the Command Center to form various shapes. As an artificial intelligence, Alpha 5 is not susceptible to old age or death.

Alpha is a young robot that is only about four feet high, and has a red-and-gold casing over a black body. He has a gold lighting bolt on his chest that flashes. On Alpha’s arms are two golden “elbow caps” that limit the movement of his arms. He also has big and clunky feet. The Alpha 5 costume was constructed in such a way that Sharf, Sellner and Kistler could not sit down while wearing it, similar to the C-3PO costume in Star Wars. Any scenes where Alpha sits down would have required the costume to be partially disassembled first. This principle is true for Alpha 6 too, but Alpha 6 appears to walk much more freely.

Alpha, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, resembles his design from stock drawings of the character as he appeared on merchandise during the show’s early years. He appears to walk much more freely in this appearance, but he still does not fight in traditional methods. In Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, he was upgraded with a shinier, more advanced version of his body, this one being much “beefier”. His body is now blue instead of black. His arms are bigger, his flashing lightning bolt now points straight down and is arrow-shaped, and the small dome on top of his head is gone. He is also now much shinier and more reflective. Alpha 5 was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz and suit acted by Romy J.

Sharf, Sandi Sellner and finally Donene Kistler. On Alpha’s chest was a yellow stylized lightning bolt similar to the Power Rangers’ stylized lightning bolt symbol but inverted. His head is always in the shape of a golden flying disc with a red visor on the front that flashes when he is speaking. Alpha’s mannerisms and apparent lack of traditional fighting prowess are similar to that of C-3PO, the humanoid droid of the Star Wars franchise.