An abnormally large child was born in the USA


An abnormally large child was born in the USA

The American gave birth to a child weighing about seven kilograms. According to the publication of the New York Post, the baby was born on Tuesday, March 12, in one of the maternity homes of Elmira, New York. The weight of the girl, who was named Harper, was 6.9 kilograms, and height – 59 centimeters.

This may be New York's heaviest baby in history https://t.co/WU4PNkPYNN pic.twitter.com/HH8ELuEfIE

– New York Post (@nypost) March 18, 2019

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Doctors admitted that in the entire history of the medical institution they had never seen such a heavy newborn. As a rule, newly born babies weigh half as much, and weight in seven kilograms reaches six months.

The girl's mother, Joy Buckley, compared the birth with a "feeling as if two waggons had moved you." Three doctors made the woman a cesarean section, but she still failed to avoid birth injuries.

Currently, the baby is under constant medical supervision and breathes with an oxygen concentrator. Doctors closely monitor the level of sugar and oxygen in the blood of the girl.

Representatives of the state health department can not yet find information about the heavier child ever born in the region. Although two years ago, Buckley, who weighs 95 kilograms, also gave birth to a relatively heavy baby. The weight of the newborn was 4.9 kilograms.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest child ever born weighed about ten kilograms. He died 11 hours after birth. The growth of the mother of the child was 241 centimeters, and that of his father – 236 centimeters.

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