As they arrive in a prestigious college of rich children & nbsp


As they arrive in a prestigious college of rich children

The Facebook user told how she helped the children of wealthy parents to enroll at a prestigious college, performing exam tasks for them. Her words leads edition of the Daily Mail.
In March, Jaimie Leigh confessed on her Facebook page that the news of the corruption schemes of famous actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin did not surprise her in the least. The girl explained that for several years she had been working as a “hired writer”, without being able to refuse to work.

Clients paid Lee for an academic task that did not actually contradict US law. Over the years of cooperation with rich parents and their offsprings, the girl learned about the criminal scheme for the receipt of wealthy students in prestigious colleges and universities.
The most well-to-do families, according to Lee, add their child to Harvard thanks to donations for the needs of the institution.
The “middle class of the rich”, such as those involved in the recently sensational case, simply cheat. “Less wealthy people hire specialists like me, who prepare essays and letters for their children and put their resumes in order”,
– She explained.

In addition, parents find the best tutors who teach the applicant how to cheat on the college entrance exam and then successfully pass the interview. At the beginning of the school year, Lee says, she is hired again to do homework for the student.
As soon as a teenager receives a diploma from a prestigious university, he is automatically accepted for an internship in a good company and later enrolled in the state. The management invests money and time in a valuable employee, taking into account his "brilliant name, diploma and competent self-presentation." He is appointed a mentor, who introduces him to the "necessary" people of the city, said Lee.
As a result, the “business sharks” help the rich get the right connections to create their own non-profit organization. After a while, his name becomes public domain, he becomes a “city hero”, and his generosity is written in local newspapers.
By the age of 40-50, a city benefactor earns millions of dollars a year and is simultaneously making a similar scheme with his child.

“Wonder how I know all this? – concluded the girl. – Because they needed an essay, resume and well-written biography. Guess who wrote all this. ”

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