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Parenting is a most challenging at home parenting magazine rewarding experience. Parents are the major influence in their children’s lives. Obedience, respect, and tradition are highly valued.

Rules are non-nogoliable, parents are always right, and disobedient children are punished-often physically. In addition, there is a strong inverse correlation between such authoritarianism and good grades. Permissive parenting, also labeled as neglectful or disengaged parenting, is high on warmth, very low on discipline and structure, low in parent-to-child communication but high in child-to-parent communication, and low on expectation. This style was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The fact that many German children and adults had followed Hitler led people to attribute this to Germany’s authoritarian home environment, which demanded unquestioning obedience. Permissive parents are nurturing, warm, and accepting. As they have not been taught how to control or discipline themselves, they are less likely to develop self-respect.

This, in turn, hinders their social development, self-esteem, and positive self-concept. Authoritative parenting is high on warmth, moderate on discipline, high in communication, and moderate in expectations of maturity. This style is becoming more pervasive in the West. Their listening-demanding ratio is roughly equal. Children are given alternatives, encouraged to decide, and accept responsibility for their actions and decisions. They make it clear that they will help their children. Overall, this parenting style is high on mutual understanding and based on reciprocity.

Children are more likely to develop high self-esteem, positive self-concept, greater self-worth, less rebellion, and generally are more successful in life. Furthermore, they are the best adjusted of all children. They also respect authority, are accountable, and control their impulses. Western culture places great importance on planning for children and their upbringing. Hence, parents-to-be spend a great deal of time thinking about everything-from which brand of diapers to use to which college they want their child to attend. However, less importance is given to parenting style.

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