At what age is it too late to have children?




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Italian fertility specialists have created a special experimental technique that allows a woman to become a mother at any age.

In particular, experts with the help of their development can freeze the ovarian tissue of the ovaries in anticipation of the right moment for their transplant to a woman who finally feels ready to become a mother.

However, while the technique is used only in cases of cancer of young patients. In the future, it will allow the woman to extend the reproductive age to a very advanced age.

And here the moral question is still relevant: how late does a woman have the right to become a mother? Many clinics in the world that specialize in assisted reproductive technologies have introduced an age limit for those who want to have a child.

So in most EU countries, the age limit for IVF is 42 years, in Russia, state support insurance programs apply to women between 35 and 45 years old, and in Israel after 45 years, women are no longer IVF. True, at your own expense you can become a mother at almost any age.

By the way, the first place in terms of maternity age is occupied by the 70-year-old Indian Rajo Devi. Her husband is a farmer, and they live in the city of Fariana.

Rajo unsuccessfully tried to give birth to a child for 50 years, and only when she turned 70 did she give birth to a daughter.

This happened in 2008, and the pregnancy was made possible by artificial insemination worth 4 thousand dollars. The spouse of a brave woman was 72 years old.



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