Australian gave birth to five children in just two minutes


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26-year-old Kim Tucci from Australia has gained popularity in social networks, thanks to a blog that she has led throughout her pregnancy.

Such popularity was due to the fact that Kim was carrying at the same time 5 children.

The contractions began at 30 weeks gestation, and literally in 2 minutes 4 girls and 1 boy were born. Despite the fact that the pregnancy was very difficult for the girl herself, all the children were born healthy.

By the way, from the first marriage, Kim Tucci had a boy, then two daughters were born in the second marriage.

However, the spouse wanted to have a boy in the family. Throughout the year, the couple tried to conceive a child, and when suddenly they were told by an ultrasound that the girl was waiting for as many as 5 children. Doctors say that in natural conditions, the chance to conceive immediately to five equals 1 to 55 000 000.



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