Bad toys: how to get rid of all unnecessary and harmful?


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If you go to the house where the baby lives, you can literally stumble over a doll, a car, a designer, and a bunch of other toys.

Children are ready to sweep the bright, flashy, fashionable and replicated from the shelves of stores.

I looked at the next cartoon, I urgently need to run to the store for an analogue. Want! And after all, loving parents, friends, relatives are running at full speed to fulfill the dream of their baby.

Exactly five minutes later, another toy is thrown into a corner, and the child needs new gifts. Familiar picture? And not all games and toys are beneficial. At best, they all will be meaningless and uninteresting, but you can run into a harmful children's thing.

Chinese fakes, causing allergies and containing almost the entire periodic table, strange designers with magnetic details, loudly screaming and glowing knick-knacks, ready to scare a child and fall apart in his hands, even plush animals. All these toys can be attributed to dangerous and even traumatic objects.

And then there are supposedly childish weapons, monsters with fangs, "deadly" dolls and a lot of things that can damage the psyche of a child. Yes, an adult man was stupid, did not check the certificate of quality, bought a bright little thing from his hands, fell for a tantrum. It's time to get rid of these toys.

Most often, our kids just attract dangerous monsters. Sod's Law. It is impossible to scream the improper toy out of the hands and close the topic with shouts.

First, the baby just does not give up. And secondly, this act is so easy to offend the one who brought a useless or dangerous object into the house. Suppose the crumb has played enough for 5 minutes and threw the doll or pistol aside.

Well, until you throw it away, just take the toy away from children's eyes. If you do not remember after a while, easily get rid of unnecessary things. But the situation is aggravated in the event that the baby directly grasped what caused the adult hair to move. We'll have to cheat, but you need to wait a few days or even weeks.

And then the toy can get lost. Go for a walk, for example. Or she can be dragged away by a pet in her hole. Carry this information in the form of a fairy tale. Yes, the baby will grieve. But be sure to offer him an alternative replacement. Children's dreams do not have borders. The child can easily choose a new entertainment. Just do not forget yourself to consider the toy from all sides and check it for quality. Good luck!

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