Basic skills

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This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. No cleanup reason has been specified. California and Oregon for individuals who want to teach at public schools and gain a credential. The test is designed to provide information about basic proficiency in reading, mathematics, and writing. Who Is Exempt from the CBEST? One of the books designed to help individuals review for the test.

California and Oregon for individuals seeking their first teaching or services credential. The CBEST gives a separate score for each section tested, but a passing score must be obtained in every section, in order to satisfy the California Education Code requirement and obtain the proper credential for employment as educator in the state of California or Oregon. July 1984 to assess the basic skills of individuals entering the education field. Six months after, it became a requirement for obtaining a license in Oregon as an educator. The CBEST consists of three sections. It contains multiple-choice questions and two essay questions.

The time given can be divided among the three sections in any way desired. This section contains 50 multiple-choice questions based on original passages of between 100 and 200 words. But in some cases, these passages may be short statements of not more than one or two sentences. These questions measure the ability to understand information given through the written word, or in charts and graphs. They emphasize on critical analysis, evaluation, comprehension, and research skills. The critical analysis and evaluation portion is approximately 40 percent of the questions from this section, and the comprehension and research skills portion is approximately 60 percent of the questions from this section.

This section contains 50 multiple-choice questions that assess cumulative knowledge of the mathematics traditionally taught in elementary and high school and, sometimes, in college. These questions come from three broad categories: arithmetic, algebra, and measurement and geometry. None of the questions strictly tests computation, but computational skills are required throughout the test. This section contains two essay questions.