Brush for drawing children


brush for drawing children 1

How to dry brush using oil paint? Which black oil paint I can use to dry brush? You can use any black paint, regardless brush for drawing children tone.

5 cubic cm is enough for a portrait, this is a very thin layer of paint that is not absorbed into paper. Any slow drying black paint is suitable. You can at random, pick a more interesting black paint according to your taste. How to dry brush using oil paint for color portraits? The tint and colour is your choice. Quick drying oil paints cannot be used for dry brush.

When working in dry brush, I never use: charcoal, charcoal powder, pastel or pastel powder, graphite powder, ink, acrylic paint, and so on. What is the best watercolor paper texture to use with Dry brush? The porosity of watercolor paper plays an important role in dry brush. Due to the textured surface of the paper, we get a nice effect with dry brush. A coarse texture is not desirable, since the indents will retain a lot of paint, and as a result portrait will turn out dirty and inaccurate.

So for users of all levels it is betterĀ  to use watercolor paper with fine-grained texture. Today, I use the Fabriano brand. What types of paint brush do you use for dry brush portraits? What brush do you use to paint a thin line as the eyes, nose, lips, teeth, and so on. Very often people asked me how I draw fine details in my portraits. For thin lines in drawing portraits, i use a thin synthetic brush, like this one.