By the end of preschool preparation children need

Importance of reading the Bible and more! Teaching children the Word of God is the only way of preparing them to make the most important decision of their lives—where they will spend by the end of preschool preparation children need. Because it is so important to shape and guide children, God has given them the capacity to receive and understand spiritual truths from an early age. Children are trusting by nature and will believe whatever adults tell them—be it fairy tales, arbitrary facts or Bible stories.

They believe the miracles in the Bible without question and find it easy to talk to their unseen friend Jesus. Children are also keen to discover and learn new things. They easily learn new songs and Bible verses and they love to listen to stories. But where does one start, and is it enough to keep telling children the same Bible stories? Bible stories in the right order, but realizing how the truths of the Bible form part of their everyday lives. A child is never too young to hear about creation, about God’s love, about Jesus, and about the many wonderful Bible stories.

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