Chess for beginners training video lessons

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If you do not find what you are looking for here, that category might be worth a visit. Homepages intended for tournament administrators and arbiters, chess for beginners training video lessons be found in the category Tournaments. Game-Colony has produced this simple but effective presentation of the chess rules. Ludoteka explains the chess rules in Spanish, Basque, English and French.

But grown-ups may also learn the chess rules here. November 2000, coming into force on 1 July 2001. Colombia has an easily comprehensible presentation of the chess rules in Spanish. Eric Hicks once dropped out of high school.

Instead he began studying and playing chess and quickly became one of the top 100 players in the US for his age category. This success gave Eric confidence to take up his studies again. To repay what the community gave him, he founded Academic Chess in 1994. AC has taught 100,000 elementary students in over 200 schools throughout California, Nevada, and Utah the game of chess.

Most of the analyses and the articles is especially adapted to very young players. Figea├žois has a section with chess basics, including mate exercises. Berto Dichi, who also has taught chess in public schools in Paris, has compiled this homepage for beginners. Deutscher Schachjugend has initiated in order to promote the game of chess among children. A clear overview is needed for this to succeed. Joe Hanley teaches chess in the Los Angeles area. The homepage contains some examples of his educational material.

Students for Think Quest, contains a little of everything, from an introduction to chess to short player biographies. You can also play against a chess program. Chess Lessons for Beginners – this web site is the official English version of a very popular French site dedicted to Beginners. It contains 9 lessons allowing the novice to learn the rules and even acquire notions like tactics in a proven step by step methology. 20 short lessons with accompanying exercises for beginners. The course has been prepared by EDAMI and is published on the homepage of the municipal admininstration of Dos Hermanas.