Childbirth after 40 years: better late than never


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Nowadays, women often experience the joy of motherhood for the first time after 40 years. Is it correct?

Of course, there are pitfalls, but in most cases modern medicine gives a chance for the birth of a healthy baby. It turns out that age is not a reason to deny yourself joy. Gynecologists believe that a woman after 40 years of age makes a serious step, deciding to bear and give birth. Prepare for this serious step in advance.

You need to visit specialists such as the therapist, cardiologist and endocrinologist before conception. If you suffer from any chronic diseases, then note that they will worsen during pregnancy. Discuss your plans with the gynecologist.

A specialist will designate a study to evaluate the performance of the reproductive system. Give up alcohol, smoking and other bad habits a few months before conception. If there is excess weight, then try to get rid of it.

The ability to bear children, as is known, decreases with age. The fact is that the number of produced eggs can interfere with fertilization.

If there are chronic diseases, they will also hinder this. Medicine does not stand still, which allows women to become mothers who cannot become pregnant. IVF comes to the rescue, when the sperm meets with the egg in the test tube, then the egg is transplanted into the uterus of the expectant mother. There are other methods to help become a mother.

It so happens that a woman is completely healthy, but, unfortunately, there is a shortage of eggs. Experts suggest in such cases to use a donor egg.

If a woman cannot bear the fetus because the state of health does not allow, and the eggs are suitable for fertilization, then you can get out of the situation by transplanting the embryo into the womb of a surrogate mother.

So conception happened. But to relax and rejoice very early, because the way to the birth is still very long. You will have to be monitored regularly by different specialists.

There is a risk of miscarriage, pressure and gestational diabetes. Diabetes requires a certain diet and medication. This will tell your gynecologist.

Quite often, women after 40 years give birth to themselves, but the process is hard, as the elasticity of the tissues decreases with age.

If there are problems with vision, pressure, and so on, then most likely you will be offered a cesarean section. It’s not worth worrying about, the operation will minimize the risks.

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