Children and healthy eating: typical mistakes of parents


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Parents are certainly right in their desire to involve the child in the principles of healthy eating, but this is clearly not the case when all means are good.

Experts identify the following major mistakes of parents:

1. Mom rejects the help of the child in the preparation. On the contrary, it will be a great experience trying to prepare a joint meal. Many psychologists believe that this way of spending time has a good pedagogical message, during which you can not only teach your child to cook, tell about the benefits of proper nutrition, but also allow the child to feel useful and necessary.

2. To force to finish. Many often heard orders from the category of "you will not leave the limits of the kitchen, until you finish everything." In matters of nutrition should not apply such categorical measures. In addition, if the child is not naughty, but just ate, then imagine what it is like to hear this kind of threat?

3. Food while watching TV. First, instill a culture of table behavior by personal example. Secondly, scientists have come to the conclusion that eating while watching a show is not the best idea, since it can lead to overeating and then to obesity.

4. Interrupting the appetite. It would not be wise to first give the child a candy or cake half an hour before dinner, and then demand that he eat all the broccoli.

5. Blackmail. Many parents sin by forcing the child to eat healthy food through threats and blackmail. For example, some deprive sweets and walks, someone prefers to limit the time watching cartoons. So you can not do. The child must understand why he should eat properly, and not follow instructions because of the fear of being deprived of any of his activities.

6. Volume must be age appropriate. You should not impose a child a portion of an adult, and then report that he could not eat it to the end. A child's body has its needs and its capabilities.

7. Bribing. Also, not the best will try to persuade the child to eat properly, promising in return to reward sweets or order a pizza for dinner. So he will only get confused and will not understand what is the use of proper nutrition.

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