Children and the Internet: how to ensure safety


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Children are active users of the Global Network, so parents have an important task – to protect from possible danger.

How to do it right, experts said.

1. Talk to your child, telling in detail which sites to watch out for, suggestions and other things. You should not, of course, exaggerate, say as it is: how some might persecute from hooligan motives or incline to something illegal.

2. Explain that not all the facts that he read in social networks have a place to be. Let it be ready that there is a lot of fake information on the Internet.

3. Parental control. For those who have children, this service is necessary to limit the content.

4. Enter a specific time frame. In order for the hobby not to grow into a dependency, set up certain temporary norms with the child so that the child does not have contact with gadgets for all his free time.

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