Children and the sun: how to protect a child from dangerous rays


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Children and the sun – this is a very hot topic, especially on the eve of a hot summer.

Let us immediately note that high summer temperatures are not a reason to abandon walks. Vitamin D, which is produced only under the action of ultraviolet rays, is vital for both children and adults.

However, the fact that in moderation brings great benefits, with excessive use can cause irreparable harm.

The same rule applies to sunbathing.

Experienced pediatricians and dermatologists shared the basic rules of "sun" walks.

Try to spend more time in the shade.

It is known that UV rays become harmful in the interval between 10:00 and 16:00. Therefore, at this time it is better to stay in the shade or indoors, and plan to walk in the morning or evening.

Even in safe times, try to avoid direct sunlight. Be especially careful of surfaces that reflect sunlight and / or heat up quickly, such as sand or water. With careless behavior, you can easily get a severe burn.

Choose clothes that protect from UV rays

Now the market for children's clothing offers a variety of models of clothing that will protect the delicate skin of a child from harmful radiation.

There are special requirements for such clothing: first, it must completely hide the skin, if possible not leaving open areas; secondly, the material is very important. It must be 100% natural (cotton, linen).

Be sure to have a hat

This rule everyone knows. It is better not to let the child out without a headdress. But there are some pitfalls here too.

The material must be tight. It will better protect the baby's skin from UV rays.

Give up straw hats and hats with holes, they let the sun's rays, and, accordingly, the child in them will not be under reliable protection.

Wear child sunglasses

The sun's rays can damage the still unformed retina of the children's eye. So if you are going for long walks, grab points.

Use sunscreen

When walking in the hot season, use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (cream, spray, etc.) (UVA and UVB), you must use a cream with SPF 15 and higher. Before using the cream, it is very important to check if the child is allergic to it.

Follow the tips and enjoy the long-awaited summer sun.

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