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Children make better decisions psychologists


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Experts have scientifically confirmed that the brain of children is able to make more correct and logical decisions.

Scientists from Canada found that children make more informed and correct decisions than adults. Even students in grades 1–2 comprehensively analyze the entire situation in order to adopt the most acceptable option.

This study was conducted by experts from the University of Waterloo in Canada. With the help of numerous experiments and tests, they managed to patent their scientific work, which accurately describes the psycho-behavioral characteristics of children and adolescents.

According to the test results, it turned out that 95% of six-year-old children use only social information. In children of five years, this figure is lower – 70%. Adults cannot be so “purely” and deliberately thinking about a decision, since life experience imposes on them a lot of attitudes and patterns. In addition, a large role is played by cell aging, which provokes a decrease in cognitive abilities in adults. That is why older people often forget to be capricious and cannot react quickly in difficult circumstances.

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