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Sausages and wieners, according to many parents, are light and dietary products for children.

Nutritionists believe that, despite the almost complete absence of spices in sausages that irritate the stomach, you still should not give their children. Today, sausages contain only about 10% of natural meat. Another 30% is animal fat, skin, and poultry meat. The rest comes from protein-fat emulsions, stabilizers, vegetable oil and water.

In addition, in the manufacture of sausages they add sodium caseinate. This substance is based on milk protein, and its purpose in meat products is an increase in protein content. Also in the sausages are still flour and starch.

At the same time, children's nutritionists are convinced that the combination of meat and milk proteins with emulsifiers, dyes, thickeners and flavors can harm children's health. In particular, eating sausages in a child can cause gastritis or allergies.

In the course of numerous studies, it has already been proved that the flavorings in sausages are also addictive, especially in children. As a result, the child begins to be very naughty and nervous if there is no “favorite dish” in his menu.

Another danger that sausages pose is energy depletion. It is due to the fact that in the composition of this product there are chemicals that, entering the child’s body, force him to work hard.

As a result, all resources are used for processing and excretion of these substances. Thus, the child’s immunity weakens, because the forces that could withstand infections go to digestion of non-natural food.



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