Children who are worn in sling develop faster


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Recently, it has become very fashionable to wear babies in slings. Scientists believe this is the right decision and here is why.

When a baby is born, he needs time to get used to the environment, because for 9 months he was in the mother's womb. Therefore, the only thing that can remind a newborn about his being in the tummy is contact with the mother. In the sling, the child hears the mother's heart beating, her breathing and he also feels the rhythm of her walking. All this has a calming effect on the child. When a mother talks, the child hears this and, according to experts, develops faster.

Also, doctors advise not to use a hard mattress for up to 6 months, since a child up to this age has not yet formed a skull. And the hip joints finally formed only by eight months. During this period, the child must be worn in a frog pose.

Doctors assure that children, who were often worn on their hands, have a better developed muscular system, which is why the baby should be worn in slings.

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