Children's injuries that spoil life


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Psychologists managed to establish that a person as a person is formed in the first 7 years of his life.

It is very important that parents understand how important the task before them is: the formation and development of a new personality. Often, a thoughtlessly abandoned phrase or action performed on a machine can cause an irreparable trauma to the child’s psyche.

Psychologists have identified 5 key points to which attention should be paid.

1. Do not make fun of the child's feelings. You are for your children – the main example in life, a wise mentor, whom you want to be equal to. It is in the family that children derive behaviors and a pattern of expression of feelings. If you laugh at his best impulses, it will lead to the fact that the person closes and does not want to show his feelings anymore.

2. Lack of childhood. If you make a child quickly grow up, then deprive him of one of the important stages on the path of becoming a person. Too strict rules will lead to the fact that he later takes his own – in a more mature age, when infantilism is not allowed.

3. Lack of faith in yourself. If you do not believe in a child, he will never believe in himself. He will always rely solely on opinion from the outside, becoming an easy target for manipulators.

4. Negative to the child. Even if your baby was unplanned, he obviously shouldn't know about it. Such people will constantly consider themselves to be superfluous and try to eliminate themselves through pernicious addictions — drugs and alcohol.

5. Exaggerating the importance of society. You should not extol public opinion in the eyes of a child, considering it to be the ultimate truth. So you grow a person who will try to please anyone but yourself.

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