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The most important thing in teaching children foreign languages ​​is to make these classes interesting for them. Only in this case, the child will be able to really freely master a foreign language, and not through force to pronounce a couple of sentences.

Now the study of "foreign" languages ​​has become an essential occupation of almost every modern man. It is even difficult to manage without English in some aspects of life, and when applying for a job, knowledge of a foreign language is not even an advantage, but a standard requirement. But it is necessary to take into account that adults understand the need to learn foreign languages, while children do not feel this need at all, because they live well without him, and communicate with everyone in their native language. For children, this is usually a very boring time, which is imposed by parents. Of course, you can wait and start learning only when the child himself understands the need for it and asks for it himself, but the problem is that it may not happen soon, and in childhood any material is absorbed much easier.

Language camp is the most reasonable solution in this situation. It will be combined and intensive study of a foreign language and an interesting, fun approach. In the camp, the child will also be able to develop his communication skills, acquire a lot of new acquaintances, have a good rest in nature (which will also improve his health) and at the same time learn a foreign language. At the same time, a huge advantage of language camps is that the language is taught to children in non-standard forms: in the game, in various life situations, etc. That is, it is studied unobtrusively and therefore does not bother children, which is not the case with standard classroom or tutoring classes, if they also take the form of a regular lesson.

The age of admission to the language camp is the same as in the regular one, from 6 to 16-17 years. In such camps, the program is very rich. In addition to learning a foreign language and their own affairs, children will be offered all sorts of recreational activities, active sports, creative development, dancing, etc. In addition to teaching the language in the form of games, quizzes, etc. children will also be provided with an extensive range of films in the language being studied. It is even better if multinational groups are created in the camp. Then there will be a complete immersion in the language being studied, since it will be necessary for children to communicate with each other, and communication at this age plays a primary role.

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