Classroom yoga breaks

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A collaborative blog filled with ideas and resources for grades classroom yoga breaks, 4, and 5. As teachers, we know the benefits of giving kids movement in the classroom.

It’s easy to see that after even a short period of sitting, kids need to get the wiggles out so they are ready to learn again. I love brain breaks so much that I wanted to share a dozen of my favorite brain breaks here. If you like them, you can find a link at the bottom of the post to a free set of 12 task cards in my TpT store. Kids pretend to tour a particular place in the world and do movements which relate to those places. We are now touring the United States!

Ride a horse through the deserts of New Mexico. This is one you’ll need to prepare in advance. One idea is to type these on the computer, and then you could print them easily each year. Kids walk to another person and repeat until the leader says stop. Then kids¬†crumble the papers and repeat. One of the brain break activities I love to do is yoga.

We don’t get into the spiritual side of it but simply use it as a stretching exercise. This one is really fun and is a variation of freeze tag, without the tagging. Kids love these and it gives them such a great opportunity for movement. It’s definitely¬†one of my favorite types of brain breaks! You are playing an instrument in a marching band. You are a famous rock star. Kids truly need to have expectations and procedures set up for brain breaks as well.

Here’s a fun activity but I make sure to have the we don’t high five too hard talk before we do this one! Each group stands in a circle. This one will bring out the personalities of your students! The hardest part of this brain break is not making the noise that the animal makes. I make sure to stress that it’s like charadeswe can only act out the animal but can’t make any sounds!