Clothing brands can be dangerous to health.


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February 13, 201

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Greenpeace activists have learned that there are a number of harmful substances in clothing designed for children. In the experiment, the organizers used the clothes of 12 world famous brands. Many of them have been caught in the use of harmful substances.

For example, the company Adidas in the manufacture of one of the swimsuits used a lot of perfluorinated chemistry, which was established in the norms of the company. The Primark kidswear brand has also been blacklisted. For analysis, they took a t-shirt, it turned out that it contained up to 11% of phthalic acid esters.

According to experts and authors of the study, in any branded textile products there is at least one thing that contains ethoxylated alkylphenols.

Experts advise very carefully to treat things, because they are very bad for the reproductive and hormonal systems of the body.

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