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The severe weather threat has passed, but not before it brought torrential rains, gusty winds, hail, and even a possible tornado to the First Coast on Sunday. Baker County responds to triple shooting in Glen St. Known for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Ermey died from complications of pneumonia. A with an NFL Draft expert: Which QBs could interest the Jaguars after the first round? Eric Galko covers the NFL and college football for Sporting News. He is also the owner of Optimum Scouting, which produces an annual draft guide that grades hundreds of prospects every year.

A motorcycle lost control and crashed on SR 200 near Gressman Dairy Road Sunday morning. Another vehicle drove into the crash scene and hit one of the passengers and debris from the crash. A farm based out of Indiana has voluntarily recalled more than 200 million eggs Saturday because they may have been contaminated with Salmonella, according to the Food and Drug Administration. A mother continues her search while lost in fear, uncertainty and questions unanswered–clinging to hope that someone, somewhere knows something. The University Hospitals Fertility Center is inspected every two years by the College of American Pathologists, or CAP. Gordon James Gianninoto discussed a conspiracy surrounding the Titanic.

Mitchel Townsend talked about mysterious “pictographic stones. First Half: Peter Robbins has unearthed documents he says support the theory that there is life on other planets, including early reports from the Pentagon and associated thinktanks from the 1940s through the 60s. He joins George Knapp to discuss the documents and his life studying UFOs. Second Half: Jamie Bartlett, director of social media analysis at the UK thinktank Demos, reports on how data breach scandals around companies like Facebook affect our democracy.

Watch: TV News Crew Films Ghost at Haunted Michigan Brewery? What would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in a major city? Please forward this error screen to 23. Safe and excellent childcare that makes a difference! C2C Kids offers Preschool, After-School, and Summer Camp programs for kids from Pre-K to 8th Grade! It’s too fun to be called daycare!

Our motto: “Every week a new destination – every day a new adventure! We believe that partnering with parents to instill spiritual, emotional, academic, and relational health in children makes a life-long difference. We’re Here to Serve You Coast 2 Coast Kids has three locations to fit your needs. Greenville is currently located at The Edge Community Church on the corner of Edwards Rd and Richbourg Rd. Liberty Life and NEXT High School. C2C Pre-K Coast 2 Coast Kids Preschool is located beside Burger King and across the street from the Dollar General in Lyman. It’s too fun to be called daycare!

At Coast 2 Coast Kids we offer After-School Camps, Summer Camps, and Preschool. C2C Kids offers Structured Small Group Homework Rooms separated by grades focused on helping your child do their best in school. We also offer weekly themes, games, and arts and crafts created specifically for C2C by our team! Coast 2 Coast provides pick-up from schools every day that school is open for K5 through 8th grade.

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