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I mean that she was born in a royal family. I don’t think that he will be able to defend her. It is an intermediate area that is not clearly defined, for example, in legal or color Russian English for kids matters. It’s huge severance pay for senior executives in large corporations.

This morning some Russian people woke up to the inability to log to their messaging app of the choice. They have chosen the app for its minimalistic design, fast messaging, no ads, cross platform availability and cloud file storage. To mark this day we post a posting with a smiling Stalin. We had an Easter holiday these days so we had no updates on the website. To make up for this longer pause we will make this posting bigger and more fun. English Russia official twitter account, you can find it here. Food, and not only for sale check it out.

Let’s see how it looks like and why so expensive mate. A man who lost his family to the fire, published those photos from different levels of the mall after the fire. We collect all fun stuff we meet during the day and dump it here with the as much commentary we know about the topic. Leaving aside the idea itself, there are some American attack copters behind the president, depicted, probably he didn’t researched enough the country of manufacture of those. Or is he giving us some signals? So here is our sixth part of English Russia Daily Report. Hope you liked the previous editions.

Snow is melting means lot of water on the streets. As a result – huge splashes, wet and dirty pedestrians. So this is the fifth edition of our “English Russia daily report” series of postings. Let’s check out what we’ve got here today. I mean the color photos from the past, the older the better. Still there are some color photos from the times where our grandfathers were young, like 70 years ago. Good pics and propoganda that is well done.

They propably took part in the same war crimes as any other soldiers took part in. Between the nazi exterminations, the japanese in China, the allied bombing campaigns against civilian population centers and the soviets in Germany, yeah, everybody had blood on their hands. The western allies conducted themselves far better, but a soldier is fundamentally a soldier. US and British soldiers didn’t suffer a brutal occupation with millions of their citizens murdered. 5 million of the prisoners of war die of starvation. Thank you for bringing things into perspective a bit.