Diagnosis of children with mental retardation methods

What Makes a Proponent of Attachment Therapy? They are intended to overcome the resistance diagnosis of children with mental retardation methods a child to total obedience to the mother.

They are employed until the child’s will is completely broken. If a child is stubbornly resistant to the treatment or the desired outcome — as understandably he or she often is — the brutality of the treatments escalates. This can go on, around the clock, for months or years. Such children are, not coincidentally, among the most vulnerable and defenseless.

AT has two major components to it. Both components are without basis in psychological theory or research evidence. This part of ACT’s website examines and exposes, in detail, various aspects of this horrible practice. An introductory overview of the whole phenomenon of AT. Point-by-point differences AT has with more humane, validated treatments. The recognized RAD diagnosis compared to the wildly inclusive and unrecognized diagnosis used in Attachment Therapy. Not all research means what is attributed to it, and parents should become sophisticated consumers.

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