“Digital” children: features of the modern generation


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The current generation of children is disturbing and surprising to parents and teachers.

Surely you have often heard such children are called “digital”. Indeed, modern children are completely different, it must be taken as a fact and try to find common ground with them.

Let us consider in more detail how exactly the current generation differs from the previous one.

Cognitive field.

It is proved that modern boys and girls know more than their parents and absorb information like a sponge. However, there is a downside to this phenomenon. From the oversupply of information, children do not know how and where to apply it. And also do not have time to enjoy childhood and feel in the world of miracles.

"Digital children" do not perceive big texts. But rather quickly oriented in visual information. However, most children have difficulty concentrating, as a rule, it is very difficult for them to focus on one thing.

Communicative area.

Modern children are characterized by high social activity and the need to constantly share information. However, most of these communications occur in the virtual space. For this reason, in real life, children communicate much less frequently, make heavy contact, and also do not know how to resolve conflicts.

Many parents talk about total disobedience of today's children. You need to understand that this generation lives playfully and does not recognize the authorities. They respond to respect and appreciate when they are treated as equals.

Emotional and personal sphere.

Children of the “digital” generation are less romantic and more pragmatic. As a rule, their world consists of material values. They are self-assured, selfish. If the previous generation sought to be kind and helpful, then today's children try to be independent and successful. Therefore, do not be surprised if your child is not as much as you can enjoy, empathize, admire the beauty of the world and so on.

From extreme to extreme

Modern parents very often go to extremes. Some do not participate much in the upbringing of the child, shifting this responsibility towards kindergarten, school, teachers, and tutors. Others, on the contrary, try to follow the child on their heels and to over-care for him. If you want to find a common language with your child, try to find a middle ground between the two extremes.

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