Doctors called the dangerous age interval for pregnancy


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The older the woman’s age, the more complications she can expect during pregnancy.

So, starting from the age of 30, women begin an intensive aging of the body, even if at first glance you can’t tell, after 35 women can be fruitless.

But in this case, the role will be played by a set of genes that are inherited.

Doctors emphasize that some infertility can develop in 30 years, and someone can give birth to healthy children and up to 50 years, until menopause.

In addition, coupled with age, the situation is aggravated by the wrong lifestyle: bad habits, lack of sports activity, excess weight, chronic illnesses.

All this can greatly affect the ability of a woman to give birth to a healthy baby.

Therefore, it is desirable to have a baby before the age of 30, after this age the risks are very high.

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