Doctors: it is useful for pregnant women to talk with the baby


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Academics from Finland said that a conversation with an unborn child has a positive effect on the development of his speech in the future. The embryo developing in the womb is good at capturing external sounds, which is why researchers recommend talking more with it, as it will have a good effect on the development of the nervous system, and it is also easier to learn the native language in subsequent development, but the extra noise is very much reflected on the development the nervous system of the baby.

At about 27 weeks, the child begins to recognize sounds and gradually gets used to the mother's voice, melodies and native speech. All incoming information from this period of development is laid in the brain of the embryo, this is promoted by new interneuronal connections, which are seen in the study of the brain with an electroencephalogram.

Researchers conducted an experiment on pregnant women who were on the 29th week. It turned out that certain words form new neural connections, still in uterine development. After the birth, the baby is better perceived by the words and sounds that he heard before birth. It is worth emphasizing that such children develop hearing and speech best of all.

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