Doctors voiced the main symptoms of overwork among schoolchildren




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Doctors listed the main symptoms that indicate overwork among schoolchildren.

According to experts, it is very important that parents monitor the state and level of activity of their child so as not to miss the alarming symptoms.

Diffuse attention may occur due to severe overwork, sleep problems, severe irritability, and moodiness.

In addition, it is extremely difficult for such adolescents to concentrate on a specific task.

In the classroom, a teenager may not listen to the teacher, not look at the blackboard, but he will carefully observe what is happening outside the window, as a result of removal from the lesson for the child, it will be wasted.

It is also important to pay attention to how the child reacts to visiting additional sections.

If he visits them with pleasure, then this suggests that you can choose other activities, but if he seems exhausted, it is better to wait a bit.

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